A Perfect Selection of Business Gifts

A Perfect Selection of Business Gifts

Leading supplier of promotional gifts—impossible is not in our vocabulary

The holidays are drawing near: a time when not only ordinary people are struggling with the question of what gifts to buy, but when this is becoming an increasingly important issue in the business world as well. Business executives have become aware that sometimes the best advertisement for a company is what we gift to a business partner. Promotional gifts have become an art where few details are left to chance. For this reason, it is even more important that we purchase business gifts from someone who not only has created art, but has also upgraded and perfected it, and who can provide your company with a truly comprehensive service.

Agaric d.o.o. from Maribor have been active in promotional and business gifts for over two decades. During this time, they have proven to many local and foreign companies, time and time again, their mastery of the art and etiquette of gift giving. They will accompany you from the design of an interesting, different and unique idea all the way to the fine-tuning of your details and will, of course, take care of storage and distribution.

Promotional gifts are on topic all year round and for each and every occasion. They are often the first contact or a strengthening of business relationships with business partners and represent a very discreet, yet effective form of advertising. Choosing the right promotional gift is vital, since they constitute a key method of promoting sales. At the same time, your logo, message, etc. will be imprinted upon the recipient’s memory, and they will recall a pleasant experience.

Still wondering why promotional and business gifts are a thing? A study conducted by PPAI (Promotional Products Association International; ppai.org) in 2015 found, among other things, that promotional products have the following effects on consumer habits:

  • 8 out of 10 consumers possess at least one and as many as ten promotional products
  • 6 out of 10 consumers keep promotional products for up to two years
  • 53 percent of consumers use promotional products at least once a week
  • Their main reason for keeping promotional products is because they are useful
  • 88 percent of consumers could recall the name of the advertiser they received the promotional gift from

Agaric wanted to point out that the most popular promotional items still include clothing, pens, calendars, various cups, USB sticks, various pendants, and more. Especially in recent years, they noticed a growing interest in culinary delicacies, or baskets of Slovenian delicacies, which hold a special place in Agaric’s selection. Their reputation precedes them, and their exquisite selection of personally packaged and decorated culinary baskets has already become popular among companies in Slovenia who want to gift something authentically Slovenian. Culinary delicacies are a very novel, and above all practical, business gift. And the customer can compose a basket entirely according to their own taste—literally!

Promotional gifts can certainly also be a symbol of prestige, taste, innovation, or traditional values. Even so, it is important that they come with a personal touch.  Don't forget a creative inscription, distinguished design, and unique packaging.

A promotional or business gift is not all that different from a personal gift: first and foremost, you have to arrange everything in a timely manner, and the process of choosing the gift should not feel like a chore. With Agaric, you will always have a team at your side who will guide, lead, and advise you through heaps of catalogs and an ocean of choice. Saving you time and, in turn, money. To top it all off, they will chime in with interesting ideas and take care of procurement, design, printing, storage and distribution. They are here to make your life easier and help you turn even the craziest of ideas into reality!

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