The Future Is Wireless

The Future Is Wireless

Nowadays, state-of-the-art technology is present at every turn. Furthermore, many designer products with a flair have hit the market and are a perfect choice for business gifts. 

Only those who were well-off could afford high-end tech in the past; this has changed nowadays, and gadgets have become affordable for the average user. It is time for you to explore new dimensions of modern technology.

Technology too, like many other consumer goods, has become subject to of fashion trends. While devices are becoming more powerful and multifunctional, the design trends are seeing a touch of the past—vintage is today’s leading trend, rounded off by modern minimalism.

Wireless speakers, headphones, chargers, etc.

At Agaric we follow the latest trends; that is why offers a wide range of elegant and useful products that are suitable as business gifts. Why not stand out and gift your business partners something that's different? You are sure to find something interesting in the extensive selection our website offers. Ideas range from portable mobile phone chargers (power banks)—always handy in today's pace of life—or a pen which can also be used to charge your phone's battery, to photo flashes for mobile phones and USB sticks of all shapes and sizes. However, as wireless technology nowadays is everywhere and simplifies countless tasks, you can also purchase Bluetooth headsets and wireless speakers. Or you could choose an elegant wireless charger.

If you’re at a loss for gift ideas, give Agaric's website a browse. You will be surprised at what you can find there! If you’re still looking for a gift idea, that is where you’ll encounter it. But we also offer fully personalized gifts. What does this mean? We can, for example, supply a power bank or an USB stick with a 3D design entirely modeled to the customer’s wishes, and there are hardly any limits to what we can do.

When the selection is certainly wide enough

In addition to gadgets, we offer many other business gifts. Our website presents a wide selection of prestigious gifts for select business partners; we offer a rich selection of the best Slovenian cuisine, which never disappoints (chocolate, wine, jam, cookies, etc.); and we hold countless other promotional gifts: bags, T-shirts, pens, bottles, umbrellas, etc.

One thousand and one pens

Pens are definitely an indispensable tool in the workplace. If you would like to browse a really great selection of pens, visit You can select from gift sets and prestigious pens, or choose to promote your business with metal or plastic pens. You can further order prints, engraving or embroidery on a wide variety of items.

Need some advice, or a tip? Not a problem.

Agaric’s team of experts guide you through a plethora of dilemmas and an endless stack of catalogs, saving you time and presenting affordable solutions. They are masters of innovative ideas, procurement, printing, storage and distribution.

So go ahead and browse the current catalogs at or arrange a meeting in person. To name just one of our accolades: we have sold over 100,000 business gifts and promotional items.

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