grafično oblikovanje

Design is the DNA of a brand

Utilizing design, we create the DNA of your brand and help you come even closer to what you want to be. We rely on visual stories, enhanced with the power of words. You can entrust us with your corporate identity (CI), letting us plan and design all kinds of promotional and printed materials.

We strive for perfection!

What is graphic design

Graphic design is a process aimed at creating and consolidating the visual identity of a brand. In terms of visual presentation and related communication, it can also be related to artistic and professional disciplines. When following the most important design principles, we use a range of methods to create and combine images, symbols and words. 

You may consider your visual identity to be the “fingerprint” of your brand that keeps you visible in the market. Graphic design includes different typographies, visual communication elements, page layouts, symbols and other elements to conceive a product to your liking.

Graphic design encompasses a wide variety of elements such as logos, publications, websites, magazines, newspapers and books, as well as advertisements and product packaging. 

Why is corporate identity so important

Whether you are only just starting out as an independent business or are already an established entrepreneur, one thing you absolutely need is a well-elaborated corporate identity. What does this mean? In this sense, graphic design is a crucial part of your company’s rise in the market, as it allows you to position your brand visibly in the media and the wider society as a whole, and especially among your customers and business partners, using unique graphic elements and reinforcing brand recognition. 

Corporate identity is thus an extremely important element, sort of the DNA of your brand.

Perfect execution

An indispensable part of a comprehensive marketing campaign solution is its perfect execution that rounds off and complements any promotional material. We will advise you on the most suitable form of printing, embroidery or engraving on a specific material, and make sure it gets executed flawlessly. We will fully adapt to your wishes and bring them into line with the experience of our printers. 

With us, design and execution go hand in hand.

  • Screen printing
  • Pad printing
  • Offset and digital printing
  • Sublimation and large format printing
  • Embroidery and engraving

Which printing process should you choose

We will help you choose the most suitable printing process for your graphic design: 

Screen printing is a printing process where a special mesh is used to transfer ink onto the substrate, except in areas that are made impermeable to the ink with a stencil. This design is suitable especially for printing on flat surfaces of textile and polyester products, for example on umbrellas, bags, gift bags, etc. It is one of the oldest known printing techniques. 

Pad printing is a printing process whereby the ink is transferred onto the target product with a soft pad. This technique is used mainly for smaller, uneven surfaces, such as those found on pens, lighters, desk clocks, USB flash drives, etc. 

Offset printing is the most widely used printing technique where the image is transferred from a plate to a rubber roller and then to the printing surface. The printing process is done using two rollers. This printing technique is suitable for items with a large number of copies, such as business cards, leaflets, posters, letterheads, envelopes, price lists, labels, brochures, magazines, catalogs and anthologies. 

Digital printing is considered the fastest printing technique. Due to printing directly from a computer file, the assembly costs by printing without a plate are also considerably lower. This printing technique is extremely responsive, offers lower costs when printing smaller runs, and can be used on a wide variety of materials. Printing can be done on all types of paper: matte paper, glossy paper, wood-free paper, tracing paper or self-adhesive paper. Printing on vinyl film, textiles, photo paper or even tarpaulin sheets is also possible. The usability of this printing technique is endless: it is suitable for all types of printed materials, such as business cards, letterheads, envelopes, leaflets, invitations, diplomas, brochures, folders, tickets, CD/DVD self-adhesive stickers, price lists, postcards, etc. 

Sublimation and large format printing provides bold, vibrant colors that are durable and resistant to a variety of radiation and mechanical impacts. Since the ink becomes part of the fibers, the print does not crack and does not fade even after repeated washing. This printing technique is suitable for sportswear, flags, T-shirts, elastic materials, ribbons, laces, etc.

Embroidery and engraving

Quality embroidered products are more durable than screen-printed products. Due to their high durability, we can produce outstanding designs that will adorn the products for a number of years. Embroidery is an elegant technique where the embroidered design does not lose its luster even despite aggressive external influences, since the thread is an extremely durable element. The embroidery is applied directly onto the product and is suitable for various types of clothing and textiles, such as jackets, towels, bags, T-shirts, etc. 

We also offer engraving on almost all materials and products of various shapes and sizes, such as wood, metal, glass, plastics, stone, leather, tools, toys, packaging, smart devices and more. 

We cater to all of your wishes. We can prepare your graphic design or your entire corporate identity, prepare everything needed for printing, and choose the most suitable printing technique for you. We look forward to new challenges and design projects. We will give them depth and recognition that will never fade.