In the spotlight

Step into the spotlight and see a whole new world of parties, business occasions, and promotional events. Experience the event trends of tomorrow and seize the opportunity to shine in front of a select audience.

With us, event planning has never been easier. We combine many years of experience and innovative ideas, listen to your wishes, and offer just the right amount of consulting. Research, ingenuity and perfection are the hallmarks of our brand. Many years of experience in various areas of organization and marketing provide us with the knowledge and means to organize a wide variety of events and occasions.

Many years of experience

Amongst others, our portfolio encompasses cultural events, educational events, corporate events to raise the recognition and reputation of our client, promotions, and home parties.

The list of our distinguished customers also includes large shopping centers, as our long experience with sales and commercial organization processes enables us to improve and integrate them with comprehensive marketing activities and solutions.

How do we organize and manage events

We first talk to our new or existing client about the needs, wishes, expectations and requirements of the target audience for which the event is intended.

The goals regarding the preparation and execution of the event are equally as important, therefore they must be precisely defined, specific, measurable, achievable, relative and realistic.

The actual event management starts once the event concept is clearly defined and worked out. The intended message of the event is crucial, as it has to reach your target audience through the event itself. Organizing an event is a dynamic and multifaceted process. In our creative process, we plan activities such as advertising, decoration, catering, event entertainment and artistic contents, while adapting to the goals and purposes of the event as well as the wishes of our client.

We organize various meetings and conferences quickly and, above all, efficiently. We organize events almost anywhere at any time, for small or large groups.

Event management for special occasions

Perhaps you have launched a new product or opened a new branch office; your company is celebrating a round anniversary; or you are thinking about organizing an event for your employees or business partners. If you want to be different and original, leave the event organization and management to us. We will take care of every little detail, including the design and printing of invitations, honorary awards and business gifts.

Launching a new product is easy. We are known for our innovative planning: in an endless crowd of possibilities and a flood of offers from all sides, we help you present your new product to the public in an innovative way. Depending on the type of event, product or service you wish to present, we will help you prepare an attractive, creative and innovative event anywhere in Slovenia. Let us know your wishes and needs, and we will make sure to turn them into an unforgettable event. 

We also take care of cultural events

When it comes to our work, we are professional, resourceful and innovative. Let us help you organize and manage your cultural event and develop a trustworthy, innovative partnership.

Organizing training events for employees is crucial for any company, since people form an opinion about you based predominantly on first impressions and the information provided. That is why we approach this field in a professional, flawless manner. 

Event management is no cakewalk, especially if the event in question is a press conference. Everything from preparation to the choice of venue, the design and printing of invitations and media coverage of the event is carried out discreetly and thoroughly. 

To start a collaboration, all we need is your idea. We take care of the event management for business (conferences, employee training, entertainment events) or corporate events (openings, anniversaries, events for employees and partners). We are by your side from start to finish. You will have our full support in designing the event, and with our impeccable organization, you will turn it into an unforgettable experience.

What sets us apart from others

Since event management is a stressful activity that involves a lot of coordination and outsourcing, the role of event organizer is more of a nuisance than a reward. We are aware of this, so we try to ease a large part of that burden and make your socializing with the guests as pleasant an experience as possible.

Years of experience have taught us that a good event organizer is one who knows how to adapt to unpredictable situations and who is able to make quick decisions. Organizing and managing events requires the full coordination of our team and valuable professional skills.

Our goals and desire for success, combined with talent and perseverance, are the driving forces behind our success story. Event management is our passion!

We are known for our ability to follow trends and, above all, our drive for innovation

The organization and management of an event must be comprehensive.

We are aware that products or their images alone cannot make an event. The event is shaped by people with soul and energy – all you need on top of that are a good dose of advice and a good marketing strategy.

Many years of experience have taught us that the most beautiful moments happen just by listening carefully to the client. We leave nothing to chance: your wishes and ideas combined our experience can result in an event that will be remembered for a long time. 

The parties, concerts and promotional events we organize are always in touch with the trends of tomorrow. 

All that's needed to bring a creative concept to a flawless execution

Organization of events, sweepstakes and concerts

We take care of top-notch photo and video production

Media strategies, including media buying

PR consulting

Marketing and business strategies